A Game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 48. (My first ludum dare)

The theme was "Deeper and Deeper"

This was intended to be a 2-player coop game, but you can play it single player by just ignoring one of the players or even trying to control both yourself

Grab a friend and brave the depths, reach 1000 Fathoms for... Treasure? .. or something?

I don't know I didn't have much time to make the goal or the motivation clear...


Orange Player: WASD to move, Space to "fix"

Blue Player: Arrows to move Enter to "fix"

Alternatively you can plug in controllers, D-pad to move and A to fix


Reach 1000 Fathoms (the sub is automatically descending, its more about surviving long enough to make it)

If the Water level reaches 100%, you will die

You can't attack the monsters, just avoid them

Fix the leaks by "attacking" them


- Code, Art and Design: Dom De Re (@dom_dere @irreverentpixel)

- SFX: Dave Lloyd (@DuzzOnDrums)

    - I neglected to ask Dave for game over sounds and death sounds, so thats my fault!


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1000Fathoms-jam-version-linux-64bit.zip 17 MB
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1000Fathoms-jam-version-osx.zip 30 MB
1000Fathoms-jam-version-v1.0-win64.zip 16 MB
1000Fathoms-jam-version-win32.zip 16 MB


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Can I get a link to the Ludum Dare page, so I can rate it! Nice game, I want to try multiplayer, but the vibe was good!

edit: oops I found it

thanks for playing it!