Reworking some assets!

Hi all,

First of all,  thanks for following!

The response has been more than I was expecting, it's my first itch project posted and I didn't expect anyone to actually see it.

So the first thing I wanted to note on the blog is that some the character assets are going to be replaced, and some are going to be tweaked.

The visual vibe I am going for in this game is the same aesthetic of the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis era (see here for a vid).

As you can see the Marlowe and Ada character animations still resemble the original source inspiration way too much.

That wasn't the intention, but I think as a beginner you put in the hours/days of work to tweak something, and through that lens you feel like your work looks different when you look at it. I used the shapes/forms as a starting point and worked inside those spaces (for the Marlowe one i used even more than just the form ). I didn't realise just how much of the distinctiveness actually comes from that first step though.

Now that I have learnt a lot more, and its been in front of a lot of fresh eyes, its been pointed out to me that theres just way too much of the original in there, and its also really obvious for me to see now.

Now that my skills have improved a bit, I'll be looking to replace them, I'm working on Marlowe at the moment (see attached images). Its an opportunity to make his character look more like what i envisioned (I envisioned him as having a bulkier build)

I'm hoping Ada will take less drastic changes, character wise i feel she already fits, I had put more work in to trying to make her distinct in the first place, and I feel like its mostly the form/shape of her idles that really distinguished the original.

I still don't think my skill level is at the level required to replicate a "style" or aesthetic without it looking like a straight rip off (I can't for the life of me workout how the shading of the pants on the original indy animation works for instance), so I feel like the visual look is going to look less cohesive, but whatever happens happens!

I'm just kind of glad that its out there regardless.

So if you didn't notice the similarity, there it is

If you did and you followed me anyway, thank you, I appreciate the good faith!

Just generally thanks for following!

- Dom

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